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AMPAC provides multidisciplinary teams and individuals to meet the requirement of technology-reliant organizations.  Some of the principal areas of expertise offered involved laser systems, image analysis, advanced computer systems, and other mathematical and physical science projects.  The company is also experienced in project management, data security and other areas of information technology.
Currently, AMPAC provides basic research, engineering analysis, prototyping and testing of various sensor and signal processing systems for the U.S. Navy.  This includes development of new systems, simulations, hardware design and experimental testing in support of the Electro-Optics division of the Naval Air Warfare Center.  The company is also providing program analysis that has provided increased cost effectiveness well beyond customer expectations.

Since its inception, AMPAC has had only one client, the United States Navy.  Its founder had been a civil servant working at the Naval Air Development Center in Warminster, PA.  The Navy eventually changed the name of the facility to the Naval Air Warfare Center, and subsequently moved the operation to the Naval Air Systems Command Headquarters at Patuxent River, Maryland.  AMPAC continues to serve various competencies of NAWC at Pax River, and has support and analytical staff involved in numerous projects at that location.  The company maintains an office location adjacent to the base in addition to its corporate headquarters in North Wales, Pennsylvania.

Contact Information

214 North Main Street

North Wales, PA 19154





Email: rudylucente@ampactech.com



While at the present time our projects are fully-staffed, we often require accomplished and motivated individuals to fill additional positions to support our customers’ projects.  Please check back from time-to-time to view open positions

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AMPAC, Inc. holds SeaPort-e Prime Contract Number:  N00178-06-D-4679.  This contract is approved for SeaPort Zones 1, 2 and 3. 

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Rudy Lucente

(215) 699-0622


SeaPort-e Contract

Rudy Lucente

(215) 699-0622






Team Members

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Quality Assurance

Quality and integrity of all customer support and products is the highest priority at AMPAC. We emphasize the process approach and utilize Management, Product Realization, Support and Quality Management System Management & Control. There is an emphasis on continuous monitoring, measurement and improvement of our services, directed at enhancing the satisfaction of customers by constant review and understanding of customer requirements and a desire to meet and exceed customer expectations. Senior management as well as project management personnel frequently meet with AMPAC staff, consultants, subcontractor project personnel and customer representatives to maintain an up-to-date assessment of customer support and company effectiveness.